Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We came to Zacapa yesterday and on the way our excitement began as the door of the bus opened and luggage spilled onto the side of a winding mountain road, we quickly jumped out and ran back 1/2 mile collecting luggage. Luckily all luggage was collected with minimal damage, even the projector that fell out didn´t even have a broken bulb (and that surprised us all) the sewing machine looked like a goner but again suprisingly enough it worked today too!
We went to a small area last night to do ministry and had about 60 adults and 50 kids come and we witnessed and had a great time. Today was awesome as we went to a public school and the drama team did two performances the first had about 360 kids the second had about 300. There were many salvations here and it was heart wrenching. The womens ministry had about 12 come out to learn some new crafts and children had several hundred. Later today we went to another school and had almost 1000 come out to see Dr. Tom, even though we had trouble with the equipment we pulled it off, Dr. Tom translated what the drama team performed. The children´s area had lots of Noah´s ark crafts going on and Normandy led her talk on Creation as well. We prayed at the end and many hands went up asking Jesus into their heart.

Guatemala is amazing, the people, the land and even the food.

From Danielle to Jared I love you! 222! Can´t wait to see you Saturday
From Jen to Family I miss all of you so much and can´`t wait to see you. I love you!!!


  1. Sounds like an amazing adventure.

    How exciting!

  2. To Jen we miss you. We are praying everyone cant wait till you come home. Be safe, we love you